Este 22 y 23 se septiembre de 2022, se llevará a cabo un ciclo de conferencias en la Universidad de Groningen, de los Países Bajos, cuyos temas serán religiones de la naturaleza, ciencia y tecnología.

La conferencia está coorganizada por el Instituto de Estudios Filosóficos del Centro de Investigación y Ciencia de Koper, Eslovenia, y el Centro de Religión, Salud y Bienestar de la Universidad de Groningen.

Para las trasmisiones en vivo las puedes ver por el siguiente enlace: 

Venue: The Courtroom, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen
Address: Oude Boteringestraat 38, 9712 GK Groningen

Thursday 22nd September

10:30-13:00 Registration
12:00-13:00 ‘Standing lunch’ (Main Hallway)
13:00-13:15 Welcome Address
13:15-14:20 KEYNOTE LECTURE: Kocku von Stuckrad The Nature of Things:
Agential Realism and the Ontologies in Nature-based Spiritualities
14:20-14:25 SHORT BREAK
14:25-15:00 Hans Van Eyghen Animism and Science: Harmony and Conflict
15:00-15:35 Ervik Cejvan Cartesian Animism: The Question of the Nakedness of
15:35-16:00 COFFEE BREAK

Thursday 22nd September (continued)

16:00-16:35 Nadja Furlan-Štante Is There a Place for Pantheism in (Post)Christian
Eco-feminist Reconstruction of the God-World Relationship?
16:35-17:10 Noreen Herzfeld “Grow Old with Me”: Humanoid Robots and the Aging
17:10-17:15 SHORT BREAK
17:20-18:35 KEYNOTE LECTURE: Victor Krebs Digital Animism: Towards a New
19:30 CONFERENCE DINNER (Optional)

Friday 23rd September

9:00-10:05 KEYNOTE LECTURE: Katherine Swancutt Of Cosmological Visions and
Creativity: Shaping Animism, Indigenous Science, and Forestry in
Southwest China
10:10-10:15 SHORT BREAK
10:15-10:50 Julia Itel Ecospirituality and the Adoption of an Ecocentric Posture
10:50-11:25 Daniel Esparza To Forgive a Bull
11:25-11:40 COFFEE BREAK (15 minutes only)
11:40-12:15 Tijana Rupčić Tehcnopaganism and Cyberspace Spirituality in Dystopian
Video Games
12:15-12:50 Menahem Marmelsztejn Beyond the Telescope They Found Time:
Remedios Varo’s ‘Revelación’
12:50-14:15 LUNCH BREAK (self-organised)

Friday 23rd September (continued)
14:10-14:45 Victoria Dos Santos (Techno)Paganism: An Exploration of Animistic
Relations with the Digital
14:45-15:20 Devin Proctor Indexing Racialized Bodies in the Animist Internet
15:20-15:45 COFFEE BREAK
15:45-16:20 Lenart Škof On Nexum Metaphyicum in Schopenhauer
16:20-16:55 Gorazd Andrejč Hot and Cold Pantheism: A Science & Religion
16:55-17:00 SHORT BREAK
17:00-18:05 KEYNOTE LECTURE: Andrei Buckareff Pantheism, Omnisubjectivity,
and the Feeling of Temporal Passage
Friday Evening: Drinks at Groningen Wine Festival (optional)

Organising Institutions
Institute for Philosophical Studies
Science and Research Centre of Koper
Centre for Religion, Health and Wellbeing
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen

Organisation Committee
Dr Gorazd Andrejč
Dr Victoria Dos Santos
Marleen Boersma

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